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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


1. What is the quality of the t-shirts that you make? 

We understand you will have a lot of questions about the quality of the fabric, the colors and we will try to answer those as much as we can. The Shirt content is shown for each product. The t-shirts are manufactured in the way the shrinkage & Colour fastness will be less than 3%.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS : Machine Wash Warm, Wash Dark color separately, Tumble Dry Low/ Lay Flat Dry, Don’t bleach / Dry Clean, Cool Iron


2. Why Do Garments fade?


Sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) radiation and it is this that causes colours to fade. In summer there is obviously a lot more UV radiation than in winter. Further, since the days are longer in summer, you are likely to have clothes fade more in summer than in winter. It is not just clothes hanging on the line to dry that fade. While you are out in the sun, the clothes you are wearing are being exposed to UV radiation and consequently are quietly fading. 
Reducing Fading While you cannot really do much to stop clothes fading while you wear them other than perhaps buying a very large hat or sombrero, you can take some steps to reduce fading when you hang your clothes out to dry after washing them. As a first step, turn your clothes inside out when you hang them out to dry. Any fading which occurs on the inside of the garment is not likely to be noticeable. If you have a rotary clothes line, hang your darker coloured clothes on the inner lines and the lighter coloured clothes on the outer lines. The clothes on the outer lines act as a shade for the inner lines and reduce the amount of sunlight they are exposed to. 
If you have a fixed clothesline you will know the direction from which the sunlight comes for the time of day when you are drying your clothes. Simply hang the white or lighter coloured clothes in a position so that, as much as possible, they come between the darker clothes and the sun. Finally, do not leave the darker clothes on the line for longer than it takes to dry them. In summer especially, clothes are often dry in under an hour and so don't need to be left out for the whole day. 


3. Is there any customer service team I get in touch with for my queries?


Yes, we have a very active team of Customer service executives who will attend to your calls from 08.00 to 20.00 (IST) at the number- 0-9952800900. You can also drop your queries to Also you can use the live chat option.


4. Minimum quantity I can order?


Although at Trendy Incorp we manufacture 3000 pieces a day. the minimum quantity is a single piece from our ready stock of colours and style with branding. Nevertheless, for economies of large scale production we suggest a minimum quantity of 250 pieces. 


5. Which size is right for me?


You can follow the below specs or do you have own customized measurement, we can process that also as we are direct manufacturer. 


6. Colour options available in t-shirts?

We offer a wide array of colour options to choose from our ready stocks nevertheless, if a specific colour is required the same too is possible minimum quantity in cotton is 300 pieces and for Polyester Cotton 600 pieces. 


7. What is GSM?


GSM is the short form of “ Gram Square Meter”. This is normally confused with gms ( weight of the garment). It is not possible for a non industry person to determine the gsm. of a garment unless a lab test is done to determine the same. It is very unfortunate that a non industry person normally while comparing the price of a garment of various manufacturers use a bench mark. Higher the gsm better the quality is an absolute myth. 


8. Organic Cotton / Pima Cotton?


Organic cotton is grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers (there are natural ingredients that can be used for these purposes, such as pyrethrum, which comes from chrysanthemums). Emphasis is placed on the quality of the soil and things like crop rotation and supporting beneficial insects for pest control. Organically grown cotton fibres have the same characteristics as conventionally grown cotton. The yarn is just as strong and durable as any other cotton yarn you could buy. 


Originating in the South Western United States, Pima cotton is most closely comparable to Egyptian cotton, with which it shares long-fibered tensile strength and an amazingly soft feel. Pima cotton was first produced in Peru, but has been named after the Pima tribe of Native Americans who began cultivation of the plant in the US. The desirability of Egyptian cotton led to attempts by the US to grow it in the Southwest, but the resulting crop varied slightly from its Egyptian cousin. The superb absorbency of the material does mean that stains are easily formed, and the fabric should be treated with stain guard whenever possible.


You can get organic or pima or any blend t shirts upon order in Trendy Incorp.


9. Can I give a pantone number to match my required color of T Shirtrs?


Yes pantone number works well with us. Please note that fabric pantone numbers are different from that of paper pantone numbers as the medium of printing is different. We will need the fabric pantone number. If giving a fabric pantone number is not possible a print out of the colour required too can suffice for matching it manually.  




We ship the goods via air, rail, road & sea to the destination of your choice on a To-Pay basis.. 


11. Printing/ Embroidery?


This depends on several factors. If I may ask you a few questions I will be able to give you a quote for your custom print job. As Screen Printers we should know all the factors that go into producing a custom t-shirt job and know that without getting all the details necessary you cannot give your customer an accurate quote.


12. What is the difference between combed / semi –combed / carded T shirt ?


There are various qualities of cotton yarn. Combed cotton is superior to semi or carded. Cotton balls start surfacing after a few washes if the yarn is a semi combed or carded.  


13. I need Bulk, or Still have a doubt what can I do?

You are always welcome, contact the customer care by Live Help Desk , Call by Phone +91 9698 699 699 or mail us at